Have to have fun to be happy

In my effort to be happy, I’ve created some new guidelines. I have to have fun at least once a day, and I have to go out and do something fun at least once/week. So this weekend I actually went to 2 parties! Friday night we went to Tahir’s birthday party at White Slab Palace. We got there around 2 am and stayed till closing at 4. The party was in the back room complete with DJs playing Al Green, a smoke machine and a disco ball.

Something about being happy attracts good fortune. The doorman Calvin bought me a shot of Absolut marinated in corriander and rootbeer. And then someone else bought one for Joseph. And then we bought one for Tahir and we danced our asses off.

Tahir is a cool cat. He can tell you some interesting things – like if there were more mentions of Adidas or Nike in hip hip songs between 1979 and 2010. Turns out Nike had more mentions (390 – 179) but on the question of which brand is more hip hop – Pharoahemonch says that Adidas got 90% of the vote.


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