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Reading makes me ridiculously happy. Yesterday I started re-reading the 3rd Harry Potter. The Potter books make me especially stupid-happy, and the 3rd one is def one of my faves.  Also, I’ve been reading a fascinating compilation of my grandfather’s notes about his family, complete with family photos that my sister put together. And some cool magazine articles, one on architecture in Vanity Fair magazine (I know…) and one on James Franco in New York Magazine.


Robert Gwathmey

Today I looked at one of my favorite books – a collection of paintings by  Robert Gwathmey.

A bike

I want a bike. I want to bike to the swimming pool and swim.  Today I found a place called Recycle-A-Bicycle on the lower east side, and they will rebuild a used bike for me for a reasonable price, and sell me a helmet and a lock. Then I found a swimming pool that I think is about a 15 minute bike ride away from where I live in corruption-ville. I called and left a message asking them what hours I can swim laps.

This bike is like the banana seat bike I had when I was a kid. I’d like to have a bike like that again, but I have to see what they have.

Hopefully they will call with the pool info and then I can get the bike hookup and be swimming soon. It made me so happy thinking about it I almost cried.