Sometimes when I experience someone breaking out in amazing way it can make me question everything I’ve done with my life. I focus intently on past actions that I consider mistakes – or that did not have the desired outcome  –   disappointments and failures large and small.

Today I meditated on radical and complete acceptance of where I am, and gratitude for everything that I have accomplished, for the love that I have received and the distance I have traveled toward the life that I envision for myself.

The mind has the ability to generate healing to the deepest level of injury. For every sorrow there is a comfort. For every disappointment there can be an understanding. Breathing in and out for an extended period of time, the mind calms, like floating on a warm ocean under a gentle sky. Clear light fills my consciousness and a dialogue with the universe begins where the past is a prologue to the present, clearly necessary, full of triumphs if I wish to take a look;  and the future is an open river flowing powerfully to the sea.


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