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A bike

I want a bike. I want to bike to the swimming pool and swim.  Today I found a place called Recycle-A-Bicycle on the lower east side, and they will rebuild a used bike for me for a reasonable price, and sell me a helmet and a lock. Then I found a swimming pool that I think is about a 15 minute bike ride away from where I live in corruption-ville. I called and left a message asking them what hours I can swim laps.

This bike is like the banana seat bike I had when I was a kid. I’d like to have a bike like that again, but I have to see what they have.

Hopefully they will call with the pool info and then I can get the bike hookup and be swimming soon. It made me so happy thinking about it I almost cried.


Running by the lake

Went running by the lake last night. The sky was a stunning mix of blacks, and blues with clouds making big sweeps. The moon was a perfect crescent.  (I didn’t take a photo -but this is kind of what it looked like, except for the shape of the moon.) Twenty minutes is all it takes to feel refreshed. The trees were big and comforting and I was thinking about how trees have such a strong presence in the Tolkein books. They have deep spirits and complex personalities, and then I was thinking about how the characters in books you read as a kid stay with you your whole life, like old friends that come back now and then. The trees in his books feel  like that to me.

Watched a couple  Daily Show episodes. They’re on break so I watched one from 5/6 – where he talks about anti-gay congressman George Alan Rekers’ jaunt through Europe with a rentboy. And also this one about teaching the gospel of Christ through Mixed Martial Arts.