Sea Nettles at the Boston Aquarium

Sea Nettles make me happy


Cooking with Seaweed

Today’s lunch.

Cut up the leftover rice noodles from when Joseph made lasagna.

Sauteed them with olive oil.


organic sundried tomatoes.

locally grown tomatoes.

salt, pepper, thyme.

free-range chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, basil.

2 or 3 slices of organic lemon

organic kale

organic arame seaweed

Then I ate it.

This made me very happy.


Sometimes when I experience someone breaking out in amazing way it can make me question everything I’ve done with my life. I focus intently on past actions that I consider mistakes – or that did not have the desired outcome  –   disappointments and failures large and small.

Today I meditated on radical and complete acceptance of where I am, and gratitude for everything that I have accomplished, for the love that I have received and the distance I have traveled toward the life that I envision for myself.

The mind has the ability to generate healing to the deepest level of injury. For every sorrow there is a comfort. For every disappointment there can be an understanding. Breathing in and out for an extended period of time, the mind calms, like floating on a warm ocean under a gentle sky. Clear light fills my consciousness and a dialogue with the universe begins where the past is a prologue to the present, clearly necessary, full of triumphs if I wish to take a look;  and the future is an open river flowing powerfully to the sea.


Reading makes me ridiculously happy. Yesterday I started re-reading the 3rd Harry Potter. The Potter books make me especially stupid-happy, and the 3rd one is def one of my faves.  Also, I’ve been reading a fascinating compilation of my grandfather’s notes about his family, complete with family photos that my sister put together. And some cool magazine articles, one on architecture in Vanity Fair magazine (I know…) and one on James Franco in New York Magazine.

Robert Gwathmey

Today I looked at one of my favorite books – a collection of paintings by  Robert Gwathmey.

A bike

I want a bike. I want to bike to the swimming pool and swim.  Today I found a place called Recycle-A-Bicycle on the lower east side, and they will rebuild a used bike for me for a reasonable price, and sell me a helmet and a lock. Then I found a swimming pool that I think is about a 15 minute bike ride away from where I live in corruption-ville. I called and left a message asking them what hours I can swim laps.

This bike is like the banana seat bike I had when I was a kid. I’d like to have a bike like that again, but I have to see what they have.

Hopefully they will call with the pool info and then I can get the bike hookup and be swimming soon. It made me so happy thinking about it I almost cried.


Yesterday the fun thing was I went back to bed and slept in. Lately I’m just letting myself have the sleep I need and not feeling guilty about it. I notice I am definitely happier when I get a lot of sleep. And I’m not saying when I get “enough” sleep. 6 hours is “enough” sleep, but it doesn’t make me happy. It takes 8 – 10 hours of sleep to make me feel really good. I know it’s unheard of and seems almost immoral, but what am I missing – 2 hours on facebook?

Have to have fun to be happy

In my effort to be happy, I’ve created some new guidelines. I have to have fun at least once a day, and I have to go out and do something fun at least once/week. So this weekend I actually went to 2 parties! Friday night we went to Tahir’s birthday party at White Slab Palace. We got there around 2 am and stayed till closing at 4. The party was in the back room complete with DJs playing Al Green, a smoke machine and a disco ball.

Something about being happy attracts good fortune. The doorman Calvin bought me a shot of Absolut marinated in corriander and rootbeer. And then someone else bought one for Joseph. And then we bought one for Tahir and we danced our asses off.

Tahir is a cool cat. He can tell you some interesting things – like if there were more mentions of Adidas or Nike in hip hip songs between 1979 and 2010. Turns out Nike had more mentions (390 – 179) but on the question of which brand is more hip hop – Pharoahemonch says that Adidas got 90% of the vote.

Let’s hug it out

That was a t-shirt I saw today that made me laugh.

Yesterday I did paperwork. Surprisingly paperwork can make you happy. I cleared almost all the papers off my copy machine.  Then I balanced my checkbook. Hooray, there was some money there! Having confirmed that I was not on the verge of economic catastrophe I ordered 3 books that I’ve been wanting. The trilogy on Martin Luther King Jr. by Taylor Branch. I ordered from Powell’s (a real book store) instead of being lazy and ordering from Amazon. That made me feel good, and I was rewarded by getting all 3 books including fast shipping for around $40. Life is good.

Also we are going to London, so if you know any cool, beautiful or fun places to go there, please post them in the comments!

Running by the lake

Went running by the lake last night. The sky was a stunning mix of blacks, and blues with clouds making big sweeps. The moon was a perfect crescent.  (I didn’t take a photo -but this is kind of what it looked like, except for the shape of the moon.) Twenty minutes is all it takes to feel refreshed. The trees were big and comforting and I was thinking about how trees have such a strong presence in the Tolkein books. They have deep spirits and complex personalities, and then I was thinking about how the characters in books you read as a kid stay with you your whole life, like old friends that come back now and then. The trees in his books feel  like that to me.

Watched a couple  Daily Show episodes. They’re on break so I watched one from 5/6 – where he talks about anti-gay congressman George Alan Rekers’ jaunt through Europe with a rentboy. And also this one about teaching the gospel of Christ through Mixed Martial Arts.

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